Mr. Beloved Mensah Dzomeku

Surname:                        Dzomeku
Other Names:                 Beloved Mensah
Institute:                         CSIR-Crops Research
Division/Section:            Horticulture/ Plantain
E-mail Address:              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype:                             beloved.dzomeku

Telephone Number(s):    +233 24 4763722/208211366
Area(s) of Specialization: Plant physiology, integrative phenomics, fruit physiology, innovative technology development, project development, business plan development

 Mr. Beloved Mensah Dzomeku attended the University of Ghana and holds an M. Phil degree in Botany with specialty in plant physiology. He joined the CSIR-Crops Research Institute in 1996 and currently leads the plantain research at the Institute.  

He has varied research interests from agronomy through to post harvest of Musa (plantains and bananas) and has worked on several introduced hybrids of plantains and bananas.

Mr. Dzomeku is credited with the development and release of one variety each of plantain, “Apem Hemaa” and banana “Kwadu Bempa” and has conducted both on-station and on-farm research activities in Ghana.

His current research interest is in integrative phenomics of plants-this involves the detailed analyses of physiological parameters, considering the underlying processes, their genetic basis as well as environmental impacts and agricultural practices.  This approach is valuable for practical applications because complex crop phenotypes with quantitative features and their response to environmental variations cannot be understood and predicted based solely on the genes specific to a single macroscopic phenotype.

He is also focusing on developing allometric growth relationships of complex crops. He continues to study the physiological responses of plants to water stress. Parts of his research also focuses on development of appropriate technology for value addition to farm residue to generate wealth.

Furthermore, he is involved in sustainable intensification agriculture, soil fertility and water dynamics, as well as nutrient and carbon fluxes as well as the development of extension packages for best nutrient management practices into agricultural extension programs including developing training materials.

Mr. Dzomeku is currently in partnership with other international and local institutions conducting a study on phyto-remediation of degraded “Galamsey” sites in Ghana.

He has over fifty (50) scientific refereed articles, several conference papers as well as book chapters to his credit.

He is also a reviewer for several local and international journals and supervises several post-graduate students from various universities including the University of Hohenheim, Germany.