The newly appointed Executive Chairman of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Professor Robert Kingsford Adaboh on Wednesday, 17th January, 2018 visited the CSIR-Crop Research Institute at Fumesua. Accompanying him was the Director General of the Council, Professor Victor Kwame Agyeman and the Administrative Director, Mr. Adam Issahaku. The purpose of the visit was to officially introduce the newly appointed Executive Chairman to staff of the

Institute and for him to familiarize himself with the work of the institute.

The Director of CSIR- Crops Research Institute (CSIR-CRI), Dr. Stella Ama Ennin and the staff of CSIR-CRI expressed their enthusiasm about the Chairman’s visit and acceded to work with him as expected.Dr Stella Ama Ennin gave a welcome address and a presentation on the research activities, programmes and research products of the institute. In her presentation, she outlined some major projects the institute had embarked on, such as the Community Action in improving farmer saved seed Yam (CAY-seed) and the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)-sponsored projects on sweet potato, rice, maize, cassava, cowpea and groundnut, among others.

She stressed unequivocally that, the Crops Research Institute’s technologies are not on shelves but are transferred to the fields through participatory research, media engagements, exhibitions, conferences and fairs.
The Director also outlined some institutional constraints that have bedeviled the institute for a while. These include high staff attrition without replacement due to IMF conditions, poor national understanding of Science, Technology and Innovation as a pre-requisite for sustainable economic growth, leading to dwindling government support for research, encroachment on research land, as well as escalating electricity bills. She then called on the Council Chairman and the government to come to their aid.
The Council Chairman, Prof. Robert Kingsford Adaboh in his response assured the staff that his administration will do its best to address the challenges, and also promised to be available at all time if the need be.  He also urged the institute to take advantage of the growing media to enhance its visibility by creating more public awareness.
 He said “your visibility in the system is not enough, let the general public become aware of you and your technologies and the essence of your research activities. It the same public that elects the government, if the same public sees your essence the government would prioritize you’’.

A section of staff of CSIR-CRI who were present during the

Executive Chairman’s visit

Staff of CSIR-CRI

The Executive Chairman, Professor Robert Kingsford Adaboh

also addressed the members of staff

An exhibition was mounted to display some of the crop varieties

released by the Institute

Professor Emmanuel Otoo, the leader of the Yam Breeding

Programme of the Institute, talking to the Executive Chairman

about the newly released water yam varieties.