Mr. Hillary Mireku-Bortey

Name of Researcher: Mr. Hillary Mireku-Bortey 
Institution: CSIR-CRI
Qualification: Masters in Intellectual Property Rights (MIP), Africa University, Zimbabwe; M.Sc. Seed Science and Technology
Designation: Research Scientist

Area (s) of Specialization: Seed Systems, Seed quality management, Seed Production technology, Postharvest Technology, Intellectual Property Rights (Patents and Plant Variety Protection)

National Collaboration: MoFA

International Collaboration

Key Areas of Research: Seed supply system, Seed physiology, Seed pathology, Postharvest handling of grains/legumes, root and tubers (storage structures and techniques development), Plant variety protection systems, Use of patent information for agricultural research, Technology Transfer (Licensing), Intellectual Property Rights (PVP) Advocacy